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High-gradient Magnetic Separator Application

DLS Series ring Li High-gradient Magnetic Separator is our home and abroad Magnetic Separator of the magnetic characteristics of its own research and development of a new type of magnetic Magnetic Separator.

The series is the best performance at home and abroad, the most technologically advanced magnetic separation equipment. It used to vertical rotating ring, kick concentrate, and is equipped with high-frequency vibration bodies, a fundamental solution to the magnetic ring-Magnetic Separator peace Central High-gradient Magnetic Separator magnetic medium easy to plug the worldwide technical problems .

It has enriched than the large size of the ore, grade level and volatility adaptable, reliable, convenient operation and maintenance. It sorting the weak magnetic concentrate grade ore to achieve the high recovery rate and high double advantage of the high-gradient.


High-gradient Magnetic separator features vertical rotating ring, kick concentrate. Magnetic Separator-magnetic ring of magnetic media at home and abroad to plug the problem is that decades of unresolved technical problems. DLS Series Magnetic Separator to use vertical loop rotation the way, for each set of magnetic media, the direction and irrigation to concentrate ore in the opposite direction, coarse particles do not have to pass through magnetic media heap can be washed out, so as to effectively prevent the Magnetic media plug.

2.pulp set up high-frequency vibration institutions, have a pulsating flow-driven pulp strength. Pulse in the role of the physical flow, the pulp of mineral grains in a loose always, to improve the quality of the magnetic concentrate.

3.Central-High-gradient Magnetic Separator for the mine to the more stringent requirements of size, we looked at the unique magnetic structure and optimize the combination of magnetic media, so that DLS Series Magnetic Separator to the mine to reach the maximum size 2.0 mm, and simplifies the on-site at Operating level, with a wider range of adaptability. 


High-gradient Magnetic Separator useful


Weak magnetic minerals beneficiation. For example: hematite, limonite, siderite, ilmenite, wolframite, such as red mud.
In addition to the non-metallic minerals iron, purification. For example: quartz, feldspar, fluorite, spodumene, kaolin and so on.


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